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Guiding Principles

SCTI operates in accordance with the highest standards in all relationships with service users and the community.

Our values are:

1.      Behaving with integrity:
Being honest, fair and independent. Ensuring the Chair leads the Board in developing an ethical culture in line with the values of the organisation. Being fair by consistently applying the same ethical standards to every person and situation.

2.      Being transparent and accountable:
Encouraging and enabling the engagement of those who benefit from the organisation to help plan and make decisions for the organisation.

3.      Working effectively:
Ensuring Directors understand that they have a duty to act independently in promoting the aims of the organisation in line with its governing document. While board members may be nominated by a particular group, they must not act as a representative of that group in acting as a board member. Board members must at all times respect board confidentiality.

4.      Social inclusion and integration:
Facilitating participation in employment and access by all to resources, rights, and services. This relates to access to employment and the need for adequate social protection “to live life with dignity” and to meet basic needs such as income, housing, healthcare and education. To eradicate stigmatisation and promote community integration. This will prevent the risks of exclusion.

5.      Compassion and empathy:
As people affected either personally or in our families, we have great motivation to help improve the lives of others who are similarly affected.